In my research, I’ve often had to read original historical documents. Sometimes I like to translate the ones I find interesting into English. Sometimes I also translate English papers into Chinese. Here are some of them.

Russian to English

  • (TBA) Descriptive Set Theory by Lyapnuov and Novikov. Source: Курош А.Г., Маркушевич А.И., Рашевский П.К. (ред.) - Математика в СССР за 30 лет. 1917-1947 (Сборник статей)-ОГИЗ (1948)

German to English


French to English

  • (TBA) A proof of a theorem on the structure of point sets by Sierpinski. Source: Sierpiński, Wacław. “Une démonstration du théorème sur la structure des ensembles de points.” Fundamenta Mathematicae 1, no. 1 (1920): 1-6.

English to Chinese